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About the Author

Immigrant Australian Sally Jane Smith has visited 33 countries and has lived on five continents.
In 2006, the bus on which she was travelling through Sri Lanka suffered a head-on collision, breaking both her body and her spirit. A decade on, she journeyed to Greece in a quest to recover her wanderlust – and proved it is possible for an out-of-shape, middle-aged woman on a budget, armed only with her mother’s 1978 travel diary, to experience a life-changing adventure.
Sally is the author of “Some Leafs: Grandma Gropp’s Tale” – published in the anthology Itchy Feet: Tales of Travel and Adventure – and the manuscript Unpacking Greece: Turning the Pages from Fear to Fulfilment (working title). She has started her second book-length project, inspired by her seven-week solo journey through Turkey and the emotional landscape of grief.

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